‘Freedom’ car visits Lawrenceburg

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By The Staff

Edmonton resident Lynda Farley, owner of the ‘Liberty’ and ‘Freedom’ vans, made a stop at the Lawrenceburg Walmart parking lot on her way back from Frankfort Monday morning.
Farley, who bought this 2010 KIA Sedona about three years ago, said she started placing bumper sticker messages including pro-smoking, political and religious statements all over the van the moment she bought the van from the dealer.
For Christmas she’s decorated her van with snow globes, ornaments, poinsettia garlands and even Santa is riding on the top of the roof.
Farley made headlines earlier this month for driving from Kentucky to New Jersey to fight a $56 ticket, according to an article in the Star-Ledger from Dec. 3.
According to the Star-Ledger, she’s successfully appealed thousands of dollars in fines for the lights on her ‘Liberty’ van, decorated with political and patriotic messages and bumper stickers.