‘Hey-hey, ho-ho, Roe v. Wade has got to go’

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Lawrenceburg man leads one man protest on 40th anniversary of landmark abortion ruling

By Ben Carlson

When a young woman saw the sign Alonzo Gaines was carrying around Lawrenceburg last Friday afternoon, he said she began to cry.
“It was obvious to me that she had already had an abortion,” said Gaines, who was decked out in  camouflage coveralls with a variety of anti-abortion buttons gracing his clothes and hat.
“I asked her if she had already asked God for forgiveness, and she said yes. Then I told her there is one more important thing she needed to do, and that was forgive herself.”
Gaines braved Friday’s snow and freezing conditions to raise awareness about what he says is the evil of abortion by carrying a two-sided sign while walking around downtown Lawrenceburg. One side of the sign said “Stop All Abortion!” the other said Face It Abortion Kills!
On his hat he sported two signs, one proclaiming “Black Americans For Life,” the other saying “Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.”
“Hey-hey, ho-ho, Roe v. Wade has got to go,” Gaines said as he wandered the streets alone, getting occasional sideways glances from passersby unaccustomed to seeing a protester in Lawrenceburg, let alone one decrying abortion.
Gaines was a one-man protest march on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the controversial Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide.
Gaines said Friday’s march was something he’s done for years, including during trips to Washington, DC, to march against abortion in the nation’s capital.
“We have legalized murder in this country,” Gaines said while taking a break. “I have spoken without our representatives and senators about this. It needs to end.”
Gaines said he received positive and negative feedback while marching Friday.
“I get more negative response from grownups than young girls and men,” he said, adding that negative feedback doesn’t deter him.
“I don’t apologize for being a Christian and having morals.”