‘Ice’ bust lands three behind bars

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By Ben Carlson

An “extreme amount” of crystal methamphetamine intended for sale in Lawrenceburg never hit the streets after three Georgia residents were stopped for speeding last Friday evening.
Police searched the vehicle and discovered nearly 3.5 ounces of the potent drug with a street value of $15,000, according to Lawrenceburg Detective Jeremy Cornish.
“It was quite a lick,” Cornish said Monday afternoon. “It’s the biggest bust of my career.”
Cornish said the drug is commonly referred to as “ice” because of its appearance.
“It looks like shards of glass,” he said, adding that the suspects told him they planned to sell it in Lawrenceburg. “It’s clear … like ice.”
Cornish said the drug is considerably worse than the methamphetamine that has become more common in Lawrenceburg over the past several years.
“This is high-grade stuff,” he said. “It’s like something out of a super lab. It’s different that the shake and bake stuff here. It’s way more pure and way more potent.”
Asked if he’s seen “ice” in Lawrenceburg before, Cornish said, “Lord, no. I’ve heard reports of it being here, but this is the first time I’ve made an arrest for it.”
Charged were Monte J. Brown, 51, of 1309 Sand Town Road, Marietta, Ga.; Misty D. Brookshire, 34, of Acworth, Ga.; and Daniel L. Brown, 36, of Acworth.
All three were charged with first-degree trafficking in a controlled substance. Brookshire was also charged with possession of a controlled substance and speeding.
All three are being held on a $10,000 cash bond.
Cornish said it didn’t take him long to realize that something was wrong when he stopped the vehicle.
“They were real nervous and sweating profusely,” Cornish said. “They had no luggage, but said they were coming from Atlanta.
“There were acting very suspicious, so I asked if they had anything in the vehicle. I was told no, and got a verbal OK to search.”
Cornish said when the driver exited the car, she had red eyes and later admitted to having smoked the drug. He said he searched her and found five grams of the drug in her pocket.
The rest, he said, was hidden beneath the vehicle.
Cornish, who as assisted by Lawrenceburg office Clay Crouch, said Trooper Trevor Harris arrived with a drug dog, which found the substance beneath the vehicle.
All three were charged and transported to the Shelby County Detention Center.