‘Mimi’ a true inspiration, comforter and teacher for fifth grader

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By Nicki Watkins

I am nominating my mimi, Kathy Waggner, for the AARP Kentucky Grandparent of the year essay contest. I think she deserves this title for many reason. As you read you may see what I mean.
My mimi is very special to me because my dad passed away when I was one and she is the only person I have left on his side of the family. She is always there to talk to me and comfort me when I am missing him and feeling down because I don’t get a chance to know or meet him. That is one reason my mimi is special to me.
Antoher reason my mimi is special to me is because my mimi is always there for me to talk to, spend time with, or do fun things with. I enjoy going to church, out to eat, shopping, and to the movies with my mimi. I stay with my mimi a lot when my mom has to go out of town.
The last reason my mimi is special is because she taught me how to do lots of things. My mimi taught me how to cook, sew, and my a-b-c’s. She taught me how to cook brownies and Ramón noodles. She also taught me how to sew pillows and blankets. When she taught me my a-b-c’s she added rhyme and flash cards to help me remember them better. She also colored the flash cards so while learning my a-b-c’s I would also learn my colors.
I hope that you can see the picture I have painted of my mimi in your mind. I also hope that you choose her to win. Win or lose, my mimi is truly the best grandparent in the world. She has been and will always continue to be a true inspiration in my life.