‘Older Americans: Connecting the Community’

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To the editor:
Every May since 1963, people all across our country have celebrated the enormous contributions of older Americans.
The Anderson Senior Center is joining in the festivities with a full month of special activities and events, spotlighting the contributions of our seniors to our community.
The theme of this year’s celebration is Older Americans: Connecting the Community, and pays homage to the many ways our older Americans bring inspiration and wisdom to the fabric of our community. Our seniors’ share histories, diverse work and life experiences and wealth of knowledge have given our community the special character it has.
Seniors in Anderson County are more active in community life than ever before, mentoring leaders of tomorrow, chairing local development committees, and planning a future medical and dental clinic. Seniors are also stepping up to help each other. Across the county you’ll fine seniors delivering meals, repairing homes, assisting with shopping and finding needed benefits for others.
Help us celebrate Older American’s Month. Join the Anderson Center in saluting our seniors and ask them to continue their hard work. Strong communities such as Anderson County understand that honoring our seniors strengthens our community, and compassion and respect for our seniors make us better human beings.
Debbie Lottes
Director, Senior Center