‘World’s Longest Yard Sale’ kicks off 26th year this week

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By The Staff

Yard sale fanatics rejoice: the wait is finally over.
The annual 127 Yard Sale — featuring more than 690 miles of bargains, antiques and other finds along the Bypass — begins this Thursday, Aug. 1 and ends Sunday, Aug. 4.
The 127 Yard Sale has expanded its reach across several states since the sale started in 1987, according to the sale’s official press release. The 127 Yard Sale, which will celebrate its 26th year anniversary this summer, was instituted to get drivers off the main highways and onto less known byways and roads across the country.
Eagle Lake Convention and Expo Center offers indoor air condition booths, outdoor pavement booths and outdoor field booths for about $55 for a total nine days of selling, according to Jenna Sims, event coordinator and marketing manager for Eagle Lake.
Eagle Lake’s sales started July 27, and will continue to be held at 1008 Eagle Lake Drive in Lawrenceburg, until the sale ends Aug. 4.  The convention will host more than 400 vendors during the 127 Yard Sale, Sims said.
A note for those planning to travel along the 127 Yard Sale: it’s illegal in Kentucky to stop on the side of US 127. Parking is typically available at larger locations.
For more information, visit the 127 Yard sale website at www.127sale.com.
For more information about booth space or the 127 Yard Sale in Anderson County, contact Eagle Lake at 859-0999 or 502-680-5265.