From $20,000 shopping spree to jail cell

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Woman admits using family member’s cards for cash advances, purchases


She shopped, and now it appears she’s going to drop. Into jail, that is.
Christy Dial, 25, of 1031 Aaron Barnett Road, has pleaded guilty to using credit cards in a family member’s name and going on what amounted to a $20,500 spending spree earlier this year, according to documents on file in the Anderson Circuit Clerk’s office.
Dial used the family member’s name to open seven different credit cards, including Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Discover, Capital One, J.C. Penney, Elder Beerman and Sears.
It was the Capital One card that she used the most, ringing up $11,700 in charges on 155 transactions.
Not that the others didn’t get a workout, too. The Discover card was used 87 times for $6,500 in charges, followed by 11 charges on the Lowe’s card for $5,400. The Sears card was next with 15 charges totaling $5,300.
There were also thousands of dollars in cash advances from Town and Country Bank. She also stole two gold rings and a camcorder from the family member’s home and sold them at a pawn shop in Frankfort, according to court documents.
Dial is also charged with using that family member’s identification to continue using the credit cards, according to documents on file with the Anderson Circuit Clerk’s office.
In all, she pleaded guilty to one Class C and three Class D felonies. She is expected to be sentenced to five years in jail next Tuesday morning in Anderson Circuit Court, according to court documents.
Dial was taken into custody in July, and was released to enter a drug treatment program in August by District Court Judge Donna Dutton.
Just two days later she left the treatment program and violated Dutton’s order that she return to jail once out of the program.
She was arrested again Sept. 22 at her residence, but in October she was released because the Anderson County Grand Jury did not indict her within 60 days of the warrant for her arrest.
She was charged again, though, on the original charges, and pleaded guilty Nov. 16 in Anderson Circuit Court.

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