2014 election packets are now ready

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By Jason Denny

Fall. You might think cooler weather and leaves falling. We at the clerk’s office are thinking candidate filings.  Anyone wanting to run for a county office can file the forms with our office beginning Nov. 6 and ending on Jan. 28, 2014.
The races on the ballot next May include the offices of judge, county attorney, property valuation adminstrator, sheriff, county clerk, jailer, coroner, surveyor, magistrates and constables.
All non-partisan races have until August 12, 2014. They include mayor, city council, school board and soil conservation. These races will not be on the ballot until November 2014.
Filing packets are now ready and can be picked up at the county clerk’s office. Please note that no money can be raised or spent and no signs or literature can be displayed or dispersed until a candidate has filed either a letter of intent with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance or filed the appropriate forms in the county clerk’s office.
We at the clerk’s office regularly receive questions regarding the duties of our office and who regulates us.
I’m going to try to give the short version. Our office is a fee based office by state statute. Our office is supported by the fees it collects.
We follow hundreds of state statutes and county ordinances. The fees collected are disbursed to state and local agencies on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Any funds left at the end of the year go to the fiscal court. We are audited yearly by the state auditor’s office regarding money collected and disbursed, as well as all inventory. We receive training monthly from several different agencies including, Transportation, eevenue, state Board of Election and Library & Archives.
Please watch for upcoming articles on reapportionment and redistricting. Due to regulations, county district and precinct boundaries have been changed to adjust for population and registered voters changes. Once these changes and maps are reviewed and approved by the state Board of Elections and the Legislative Research Commission, we will be making them public.
These changes could affect who represents you as well as where you vote in the future.  
As with all offices, the rules, regulations and policies may change so always call if you are not certain.
Our office number is 502-839-3041.  My personal cell phone is 502-680-0878.  Our website address is http:andersoncountyclerk.ky.gov and we are on facebook as andersoncountyclerk.

Jason Denny serves as Anderson County clerk.