4-H report: 10-9-13

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By The Staff

Super Stars
On Sept. 27 Mrs. Campbell came to Mrs. Blackburn’s class to talk about the 4-H club.
The class voted Julia McNulty for president, for vice president Blake Sutherland, for secretary Richmond Boggs and news reporter Abby Joseph. Next we voted what the club name would be. The four main people picked three names. They picked the Super Stars out of the three.
On Sept. 30 Mrs. Cample came to Mrs. Blackburn’s class. She first collected 4-H forms. She explained how to do the thing we were doing. We were doing a scientific method. The class had to build two pyramids out of spaghetti and marshmallows and connect them from the top with spaghetti. Then we take a envelope and a paperclip and attach it to the spaghetti and see how many pennies it could hold. You do the same thing with linguini, but don’t rebuild the pyramid.