4-H reports: 11-27-13

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4-H Super Stars
On Tuesday, Oct. 29 Mrs. Campbell came to our class and asked the president, the vice president, secretary and new reporter to come to the front. Julia McNulty, the president, picked two people to say the pledges, the American pledge and the 4-H club pledge. She picked a boy and a girl. Their names are Logan Harvey and Cassie Kean. Then Julia McNulty picked four other people and their names were Skylar Tinchen, Ashlyn Beasley, Dylan Rogers and Mackenzie Harding. Richmond Boggs read my story from last time. Then we played a game where we had to sort the animals with the things it needs. The next meeting is Nov. 18.

— by Abby Joseph

Bearcats 4-H Club
Bearcats 4-H Club, I’m sure everybody in Anderson County knows the Bearcats football team. Well, I can’t take the credit for the name Amber Pearce made for the club. Kaitlyn Thompson, our 4-H president, said we like it and that we want it as our club name. Also our vice president is DeAngela Robinson and our secretary Makayla Caldwell and last but not least our reporter is Conner Hensler.

— by Conner Hensler