4-H Reports - 12/1

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By The Staff

Ms. Wise’s class at Turner Elementary
On Nov. 4, Miss Wise’s class had its November 4-H meeting. The first thing that happened was we picked two volunteers to help with the pledges. Lauren Holland said the pledge of allegiance and Christopher Thomas said the 4-H pledge. The secretary, Jason Fultz, did roll call. When he called our name, we were supposed to say something we were thankful for. After that, he read the minutes from our last meeting. Ms. Gill had an announcement for our class. She said that people are spending too much money, so 4-H is having a contest to see who could make the best piggy bank to save money. After that, we did an experiment to see if mold grows faster on clean or germy bread. We will check on the breads once a week for three weeks to see which piece of bread grows faster. After our experiment, we played a game called Hello Judge. It was fun! Then, we adjourned our meeting.
— by Cara Courrejolles

4-H Dudes and Dudettes Club Report
Emma B. Ward Elementary School

Today the president picked the pledge leaders and they were Cassidy Raider and A.J. Chambers. Leanne Davis, secretary, asked for attendance what their favorite music was. Today Victoria Young was not here and she is the vice president. The president took place for the vice president. The president is Clayton Land. He picked Elijah Moore, Christian Cummins, Cassie Rader, and Isaiah McDonald to be the readers for the program. The recreation leaders, Aaron Currens and Kennedy Darst, led a game of silent ball. That’s all for this month.
—by Seth Harville

Mrs. Copenhaver’s fifth class
Robert B. Turner Elementary School

Today in 4-H we had a mind-blowing time. First we talked about the craft and food fair coming up Dec. 11. If you are interested, call the extension office and it will be $5 admission. Call by Dec. 3 to register. We also talked about a piggy bank contest coming up. Piggy banks will be needed by the first week of December. Our lesson today was telling you how to be a smart shopper and how to save your money. Our two pledge leaders today were Barrett Hill and McCoy Brown. Well that’s about all I have to say (and I’m out).
—by McCoy Brown

Our secretary, Logan Fields, took attendance.
The firecracker kids did a science project from the vice-president, William Reesor. He brought some bread, water and two Ziploc bags. William chose two people, one with clean hands and one with dirty hands.
Both got their bread wet and patted it down. Then they put the bread in a Ziploc bag. Each bag was labeled clean and dirty. We will see which bread molds the quickest.
We checked our messages about foods that spoil and how to prevent it.
Next meeting will be in January.
—by Carter Briscoe

Action KIDS 4-H Club at EBW Elementary
Today, President Jamie Bingham selected Colton Frasier and Kayla West to lead us in our pledges. Cameron Harrod called roll call by asking, “What are you thankful for?”
Cameron Harrod read the minutes from our last meeting and Mrs. Gill announced the “You Make It Club,” where you can make presents for Christmas and get to keep it. Mrs. Gill also told us about the “Save Money Club.” In this club you make piggy banks and compete against other students, and the final two would be the club’s banks.
John Michael Woolums did a program about clean kitchens and Mrs. gill also explained why we need clean kitchens. For recreation time we played fun game called silent ball.
—by Madison Wallace

Club Green Report
This month we did an experiment that the vice president made for us.
The experiment is about clean and dirty food.
Now the people who did a pledge. Ethan Jorden did Pledge of Allegiance. Callee Felder did 4-H pledge.
Back to the experiment. The volunteers are Jaclynn Ruble as clean and Morgan Akins as dirty. After that Miss Gill told more stuff we can do.
Last but not least we played a game of Hello Captain. How to play is you take a person to cover their eyes. Pick a person to say Hello Captain in a weird voice. If they get it right, they stay up there. Wrong and the person who says Hello Captain goes up there.
—by Cameron Phiel

Jordyn Beasley led the 4-H pledge, and John Gregory led the United States Pledge. Bailey Turner and Joey Cox (recreation leaders) led us in a game called “Hello Captain.”
We also talked about an experiment with two slices of bread. One student with clean hands touched on slice of bread and another student with dirty hands touched the other slice of bread. We are observing which slice of bread will spoil first.
—by Jon Gregory