83-year-old buys first home

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Late pastor’s wife says house is ‘a gift from God’


Marian Masters will be 113 years old when her 30-year mortgage is paid off.
If that sounds unusual it should because, unlike most people who take out their first mortgage early in life, Marian waited until she was 83 to purchase her first home — a home she says is a gift from God.
“I just walk through it and thank the Lord for this home,” said Marian, who just moved into her new home and to Lawrenceburg a couple of weeks ago.
“It’s so beautiful and I know the Lord is in every corner of it.”
Marian’s journey to home ownership is one full of twist and turns. A native of Pennsylvania, she met and married her husband in 1954 during their last year of school at Asbury College.
“The Lord had a preacher husband there for me,” she said.
Her husband became a pastor with the United Methodist Church and the couple settled into a life of serving God while pastoring out of 14 different churches until his death 15 years ago.
During that time, Marian said her family, which includes two children, lived in church-provided parsonages and it wasn’t until her husband passed that she moved into a rental home in Milton.
Then came a car wreck last December that changed her life.
“Her car flipped while crossing a bridge into Indiana,” said her daughter, Candace Masters Moore, a longtime teacher at Anderson County High School. “It was miraculous that she survived. She had nine broken bones. The little cross she wears was bent, but not broken.”
After she recovered, Marian decided to live closer to her daughter and made the decision to move to Lawrenceburg.
This move, however, wouldn’t be into a rental home.
“I just felt like I had never owned a home before,” Marian said. “I know I’ve paid for one in Heaven, but I’d never had one except for with the church.”
Moore, her daughter, has purchased homes from local Realtor Lois Ann Disponett in the past and asked her if she could find something for her mom.
“We were thinking about a three bedroom, one bath,” Disponett said.
“But when we found out she qualified for a larger home and the payments were going to be close to what she paid in rent, we ended up going with a 3-2 with a garage.
“She was very patient and said the Lord was going to lead her.”
Disponett said she has sold homes to people in Marian’s age group a couple of times since beginning her real estate career in 1975, but never to someone buying their first home.
In fact, the average age of a first-time homebuyer is 34, less than half of Marian’s age.
“Lois Ann showed us the house even before it came onto the market,” Marian said. “It just became available and I thought this is the house the Lord picked out for me.”