ACT scores symptom of public school ills

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By Hannah Casciola

This year Anderson County High School juniors took the ACT test. This is the third year that the scores have been consistently leveling out at 18.3, which is below the national average of 21.1, and the state composite scores of 18.8.
Other counties have scored higher than Anderson. Some of those are Franklin at 19, Spencer at 18.7, and Shelby at 18.7.
Seeing that in the past three years Anderson County has only been able to stay consistent in its test scores is a scary thought. Some of the teachers at the school say it’s a lack of motivation among the students. This is probably the biggest reason for these scores, but it should be the students’ job to motivate them.
There is no reason that Anderson County High School shouldn’t have top scores in this test. The high school offers free ACT workshops for juniors and seniors, and online ACT prep for grades nine through 12. This only leads to the conclusion that these students are not being motivated.
By their junior year students are already deciding that college isn’t even a possibility for them. With this thought in mind, they don’t apply themselves when taking this test.
This idea is something the teachers are going to try to put a stop to by telling their students that, “college is as possibility for everyone.”
With all this evidence it’s hard to say that it’s not the students’ fault.
But in a way it really isn’t. Most of these students are just the next generation of brainwashed kids produced by the government’s schools. It’s not a pretty thought, but the government is slowly attempting to push everyone down to one equal level.
This wonderful idea of an equal utopia, in which “no one has anything everyone else doesn’t have,” may look good on first glance; but all this is a masquerade hiding the real concept. This concept is everyone basically being slaves.
This happened in the Bible. Pharaoh had all the Jews on the same level. They all lived in the same type of houses, ate the same types of food and all worked the same types of jobs. It seemed pleasant enough, but this type of society leaves no room for people to pursue their own dreams or make something out of their lives. History has constantly been repeating itself with this event, and now it’s happening again in America.
With all the talk [President] Obama’s done about “sharing the wealth,” it’s hard to say that this isn’t what the government is trying to do. They are trying to get everyone so wrapped up in this idea that it’s nigh impossible to break free.
They have free health care, free education, free food and free housing. With all this free stuff why wouldn’t some people want to just let the government take care of them?
When it’s cheaper to sit on your butt and not work, obviously the majority will do that. Why would you want to have a decent job and make your own money if the government is just going to come along and tax the heck out of you?
As you can see, Anderson County having low test scores is all part of one gigantic problem. America used to be dependent on God. We had the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now all that is being taken away, but people don’t even realize this because they’re already under the government’s spell.
America used to be a constitutional republic; with people being able to self-govern and have family government more often than not. This is why America was so great.
If you wanted to do something, you worked hard for it and reaped what you sowed. If you didn’t work, you didn’t eat. Now the government has come up with this “great” idea that, “It’s OK, you don’t have to work, and we’ll feed you and give you a house. You don’t have to learn anything; we’ll teach you everything you need to know.”
This great idea is why the middle class is being diminished. It’s really sad to see America going down this path. But it’s not impossible to turn her around.
Turning America around could all start with some juniors wanting to score the highest they can on their test, then taking that mindset with them throughout the rest of their lives.
They wouldn’t want to settle for the life the government offered. They would want to work hard, and create the life they wanted to live. If that happened they could change the world. It all starts with a little motivation, some good self-government, and God allowing America to come back to him.

Hannah Casciola, 15, is a home-schooled student in Lawrenceburg.