After kicking God out of schools, don’t blame him for not being there

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To the editor:
After laughing at the recent letter from the atheist who is backing gun control, I discovered that some did stay in there long enough to read the article. I would not have because it was nonsense and lost my interest as being total babble from someone who was trying to impress all of us with his huge verbiage and rhetoric.
I am only responding because it did bother a friend of mine. I took it as nothing more than science fiction.
I do not wish to address each issue (there weren’t many; just a lot of words) but since he started with a bit of history, I would like to begin the same.
In the 1920s the government enforced Prohibition, which limited the sale of alcohol. Since this person enjoys research so much, perhaps he should research the problems that came from that ban. Prohibition was supposed to reduce crime, instead it lead to the proliferation of rampant underground, organized criminal activity.
Do we really believe that gun laws will be different? People who want guns will always find a way to get them. This is best demonstrated in the current war on drugs. Meth and other drugs are rampant and many teens or even adults say they could made two phone calls and have any drug. Personally, I don’t know that many people but after asking several people, one who is a youth minister and has no desire for drugs, every one of them said they could make that call.
I have no desire to argue Christian morals with this person. The truth is available to him and obviously he has read it. If he read it and took away only what you he felt would back his arguments, then he isn’t going to listen to anything I take from it.
I do have a question regarding the massacre of 20 children, as he continued to refer to it and wonder why God would allow that to happen.
My God is omnipresent. He is with me every minute, yet I do not believe that means I am protected every minute. There is that issue of free will again. It does assure me that I know what happens next if something does happen to me. But, I do recall that there was a huge movement to have God, prayer and any reference of God taken out of the schools. So how can this person believe that God should have been at the school, if he had been asked to leave?
You wanted him out of the school but now you are angry that he was not there to stop something.
As long as there is free speech, this person will be able to spout off his pretentious, hollow and pompous psychobabble. I know of nothing else to call it because it is psychological jargon used inaccurately to talk about personal problems. He is using mental or emotional language to stir up the passionate feelings of others, specifically fervent Christians, because he wants to express his passionate views. God bless to him and all.
DW Brown