'All mouth and attitude'

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Stranded teen charged with drunkeness, menacing after being pulled from river

By Ben Carlson

The rescue of two men stranded late Monday night on the bank of the Kentucky River ended with one of them being arrested.

Dakota M. Turner, 19, of Lawrenceburg was charged with alcohol intoxication and menacing after he was plucked by rescuers from the Anderson County side of the riverbank near the Tyrone Bridge, according to a news release from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Emergency personnel at the scene said Turner and Michael Cunningham, 19, of Lawrenceburg both appeared to be intoxicated, but it was Turner who was agitated and became aggressive with police and firefighters.

“We got them out and back to the boat ramp, wrapped them in blankets and the one guy was all mouth and attitude,” said Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes. “He got up and came after one of my guys.”

Turner and Cunningham were both transported by Anderson County Ambulance to Frankfort Regional Hospital. Emergency Management Director Bart Powell said both were suffering from what appeared to be moderate to severe hypothermia after getting wet when their boat sank near the riverbank. He said neither suffered any apparent physical injuries.

Turner was transported to the Franklin County Regional Jail and has since been released.

Barnes said the incident occurred around 11:15 p.m. when a security guard at the power plant on the Woodford County side of the river heard what appeared to be two guys screaming.

Versailles police officers responded, and called for assistance from the Woodford County Sheriff’s Office. When it was determined that the two men were on the Anderson County side of the river, Barnes said he launched two rescue boats, along with boats provided by Versailles and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“They were apparently drinking on the river bank and sank the boat when they were trying to get in because it was submerged right by the bank,” Barnes said. “They apparently started a fire to get warm.

“When we got there, both were very hypothermic because it was only around 50 degrees and they were soaking wet.”

Barnes said one of the men was mouthy and belligerent from the time he was loaded into a rescue boat. It was when he arrived at the boat ramp that he became aggressive, forcing a police officer to physically subdue him.

Barnes said there were no floatation devices at the scene.

Sheriff Troy Young said the cause of the incident remains under investigation.

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