ANALYSIS: Here's where your tax dollars go

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By Ben Carlson

It should come as no surprise that the county’s largest public employer, the school system, receives nearly 65 percent of all county tax dollars collected.

What is surprising is that county government, which includes the judge-executive’s office, planning and zoning, electrical and building inspections and the highway department receives only slightly more than the public library.

According to the sheriff’s 2009 tax settlement report, the school system received $7.1 million of the $11.05 million taxpayers shelled out to fund local government, which excludes city government.

The county government was second with $1.6 million, followed closely by the public library, which received $1.2 million.

The health board taxing district, which funds the health department, received $385,929, and the county fire taxing district received $481,017. The Extension district, which until last year operated on $100,000 given to it by the fiscal court, in 2009 received $206,174 from local taxes.

At $10.5 million, real estate provides by far the largest amount of tax revenue each year, but makes up only a portion of what is taxed.

The next largest revenue stream comes from whiskey, based largely on the amount of barreled bourbon stored in Anderson County.

That tax raised $534,517 in 2009, with nearly $300,000 going to fund the county’s public schools.

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