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4-H program teaches children about rockets

By Bria Granville
News staff
As part of its 4-H summer fun program, the Anderson County extension office held a rocketry adventures class last Friday for children 9 and older.
Students were taught simple physics and aero science before putting their knowledge to work to create bottle rockets, which they launched later in the day.  
Each student could individualize his or her own rocket once they were given simple materials that included duct tape, 2-liter bottles and sand to weigh the bottle down.
They could add propellers and fins to make their rockets fly differently.
“I worked really hard on this,” Troy Knight, 10, who hopes to one day improve rockets, said. “The trickiest part was getting the fins this shape.”
The camp gave students like Troy the chance to learn about rockets and do activities that would deepen their interest in the scientific field.
“I just love reading about rockets and airplanes and learning about them,” Troy said.
Throughout the summer the 4-H program at the County Extension office provides varied day camps for students to participate in depending on their interests.

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