Anderson News a 'homecoming' of sorts for publisher

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By Chris Hamilton

Hello Anderson County.

After nearly a decade of writing, photography, graphic design, social media and telling a community’s story, I’ve returned to the business of writing, photography, graphic desi… yeah, it’s been a little confusing for me, too.

I’m the new publisher of The Anderson News, where we will continue telling what’s been happening and what will happen in the area. It’s the story of my life. And if that started the wildly popular tune by One Direction ringing in your head, please accept my sincerest apologies.

I’ve followed an interesting professional path but the consistencies are undeniable. My journalism career started in high school in Lebanon, Ky. I covered sports for the local newspaper then became sports editor then news editor and, finally, I reached the throne as editor/general manager. Well, it wasn’t a throne as much as a dusty faux leather chair in a closet-like room. Nobody fed me grapes or fanned me with a large palm leaf but I was proud of the work and the positive impact we had on the community.

In time, I was lured away by a new profession as director of the local tourism bureau and, later, by a much larger one in Illinois. My journalism skills made the transition seamless and it’s what I’ve for the past 9 years.

A drastic cut in funding ended my journey in Illinois and, after taking some time off, my former company – Landmark Community Newspapers – welcomed me back into the fold.

I’ve been blessed, for sure. Journalism and tourism are great fields loaded with great people. The people are always what I cherish most.

So here I am, anxious to get back my legs and continue producing a relevant, useful and entertaining news source for The Anderson News readers. Forgive the slow start. I’m brand spanking new and we’ll soon have a brand spanking new reporter. But the rest of the staff here are seasoned, capable and good-spirited. The Anderson News has a long and illustrious history. We plan to continue the tradition of quality reporting and recording.

Likewise, we’ll foster critical thinking through our editorial section. We have opinions, as do you. We want you to voice them in our pages.

We’ll continue to need you as much as you need us. Our network of contributors is critical to our success as a comprehensive news source and community history book.

And my door is always open, figuratively if not always physically. My e-mail address is chamilton@theandersonnews.com. I can’t have my finger on the pulse of the community if you don’t extend your wrist.

I’m excited and happy to be here and I look forward to getting to know every doggone one of you!