Auf wiedersehen, au revior, ciao, adios, so long

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By The Staff

It’s possible that a stray article or two with my byline will appear in some future edition of this newspaper, but today’s column will be the last one I write as an employee of The Anderson News.

This is my final week at the paper, as I’ve accepted a position in a different line of work and start my new job Jan. 5.

It seems impossible, but more than six years have passed since my first article was published back in August 2002. Since then, I’ve penned approximately 2,000 others.

Like most types of work, I didn’t enjoy every aspect of the job, but I surely did enjoy writing the vast majority of the stories I either chose to cover or was assigned to do. My personal favorite assignments were those that enabled me to meet so many of the unique personalities that reside in Anderson County, and then share their stories with our readers.

A great number of the best people I’ve ever encountered I met right here in Anderson County. Included among that number is the staff of The Anderson News.

If there is a better group of folks anywhere, I’ve yet to meet them.

Thanks to those of you who helped make the last six years such enjoyable ones.

Should anyone need to contact me in the future for whatever reason, feel free to drop me a line at jaycason@msn.com.

E-mail Jay Cason at jcason@theandersonnews.com.