Banning fake pot, bath salts isn’t answer

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To the editor:
Does every level of government just need to create more laws year after year in order to “fix” what we deem is wrong with society?
Do elected officials wake in the morning thinking we can solve our problems with more regulations, more government, or maybe even a historical district?
Did you ever stop and think for a moment that we as individuals are free to make choices that can have positive and negative effects on our lives?
If our local fiscal court wishes to ban certain substances our local youth like to abuse, then more power to it. If you think for a moment that this will help to curb society’s ills then you are misguided.
It will be replaced by something else, or maybe these same products can be picked up a few miles down the road in Frankfort or purchased online.
The freedoms we enjoy are simply amazing, but yet they come with responsibility and consequences. We may choose to take our personal funds and minister to an impoverished people on the other the side of the planet.  We may volunteer to be a children’s advocate to stand up for local children who do not have someone for them. We may even choose to make our wives, children and family our number one priority.
The bad decisions we make can have detrimental effects on our lives. If we choose to smoke, there is a high probability of getting cancer. Choosing the wrong foods and eating in excess will lead to health problems and possibly death from a heart attack. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet offers a greater chance of death when that certain idiot pulls out in front of you. Having an affair is not the best therapy for your marriage.
While creating laws to ban certain substances certainly makes us all feel good, we need to have some truth spoken into the subject. If we are going to get on the banning wagon, let us outlaw cigarettes, bring back prohibition, re-instate the helmet law, inform Kroger what it can and cannot sell to us, and an obvious one would be to lock someone up for 30 days for infidelity.
Teenagers have been drinking and smoking a variety of items for years and it has been completely illegal for them to get their hands on the products, but yet they still manage to do so. Creating more laws to try to combat societal issues just does not cut it. We already have so many codes, regulations and laws that are not even enforced uniformly. We need to ask the question what forces compel an individual to smoke weed, potpourri, bath salts, meth, or for that matter tobacco.
The easy decision for us is to just add a few more sentences and say that we have created a law that protects our children, and now everyone knows we are looking out for them. The right decision is to instruct our youth in matters of faith, morality and individual responsibility. Perhaps the adults can sit in on that lecture as well.  
Michael LeGrand