Broadband access proves burying agendas moves county forward, not back

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By Jess Thompson, guest columnist

Congratulations, rural Anderson County. You will soon have high-speed internet accessibility.
That’s a big deal to some. As my good friend Monty Collingsworth of Collingsworth Consulting once said, “High speed internet may not bring new jobs, but it will sure stop them if they decide to locate to one of our rural areas and we don’t have it.”
I would personally like to thank Collingsworth the most because he did much of the groundwork for this breakthrough.
It’s fairly laughable that around a year ago a Bluegrass Area Development District representative told the Economic Development Authority that they had done all they could to bring broadband access to the rural areas, but couldn’t get it done.
How much do Anderson County’s elected officials agree to pay this entity annually?  The answer is tens of thousdands of dollars.
So, we taxpayers are burdened with throwing money at an entity that cannot do what a few private citizens did for free? This is part of the entire breakdown locally and nationally that continues to keep things going backwards.
As for South Anderson Water District, I would like to thank them for finally coming to the table and agreeing to partner with Shelby Broadband.  This new high-speed internet program will actually pay SAWD which, in theory, might lower its users’ monthly water bill — might being the key word.
Hopefully our elected officials will look closely at this small victory and understand when no one has any agenda other that bettering themselves and their beloved county, we can take steps forward as opposed to back.