Bugs and football, what a weekend

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By Shannon Brock

I haven't had an interesting weekend to write about in a while, but this past one was chock full of entertainment. OK, so maybe not "chock full," but for an old married person like me, it was entertaining.

At the very least it taught me a few lessons:

Two Shannons aren't necessarily braver than one

My friend Shannon and I took Friday evening to enjoy a little "Shannon time." While the hubby was studying back home in Lexington, she and I had dinner and ice cream in Frankfort.

In "Shannon time," dinner and ice cream takes at least three hours, so around 8 p.m. or so we headed back to Lawrenceburg to pick up my car.

As we pulled next to my car in the city lot, an enormous horsefly buzzed into her car. In the past, I've written about my hatred for any and all bugs. Apparently that hatred comes with the name.

We both screamed and in a panic jumped out of the car. Once we realized it was a horsefly we were dealing with, I immediately recalled Extension Agent Tommy Yankey's column in last week's paper. Not that I had any question, but Yankey certainly knows what he's talking about.

Those little critters - and I intentionally pluralize critters because by this time there were two of them - are annoying, persistent and fearless. They crawled all over Shannon's dashboard and wouldn't budge no matter how many pencils she threw at them. Notice she was playing the proactive role whereas I took on the role of moral supporter.

When pencils didn't work, she turned to a snow scraper, which was apparently enough to urge one of the flies outside and squash it once it got there. But that darned second one just wouldn't give. I think it was secretly laughing at the two of us screeching and flailing about because of something hundreds of time smaller than either of us.

Eventually it must have gotten bored because all the sudden it was gone. Off to pester the next unsuspecting victim, I'm sure.

As Shannon got back into her car and I into mine, I noticed a car parked in the next row. Three people stood around it looking at something under the hood.

I realized they must have been having car trouble. Car trouble, now that's a real problem. Suddenly I felt pretty small and those horseflies didn't seem all that big.

Fantasy football = football fanatic

I've never been all that into football, mainly because I never understood it. I'm pretty sure I made it through three seasons of cheering "first and 10, let's go" without really knowing what it meant. After all, our job was to energize the crowd, not understand the game.

But this season is a little different.

My husband and his friends are really into football (college and the NFL). I knew he'd be watching as many games as possible, and I knew I had two choices: find something else to do on Saturdays and Sundays or give in and try to enjoy it, too.

I chose the latter option. Over the five years that Josh and I dated, I started to pick up some football knowledge and, though I still ask questions, I pretty much know what is going on. So this year when Josh, his friends and their girlfriends started a fantasy football league, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to join.

I told Josh upfront that he would have to help me pick my team and decide who to play each week, and he agreed.

This past weekend was the first time our "teams" played, so I didn't know how much I would actually get into this. Turns out it's a lot.

Josh is a total technology junkie (for example, our computer screen is bigger than our television), so we had the perfect setup. We flipped back and forth between the games on cable and kept track of our fantasy teams as well as up to six other NFL games on the computer monitor. Did I mention we moved the monitor over to the coffee table so we could see it and the TV at the same time? We were prime examples of fanatics.

But then...the electricity went off.

High winds from the remnants of Ike caused some damage in Lexington and as a result we lost power for a couple hours.

I was devastated. But what left me yearning for just enough power to check the score of the Vikings game, left Josh laughing...at me.

He said it was "cute" how into it I had gotten and thought it was funny how upset I got when I couldn't check on my team.

That's fine. He can laugh all the way to the end zone. Just ask him whose team scored the most points this week and I guarantee he'll get quiet.