Bungee jumping group plans to do more in 2014

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Reality TV show is still a goal

By Chris Hamilton

A sight that might have been unusual in 2013 could become much more common this year. In May, Vertigo Bungee conducted another round of jumps from the Young’s High Bridge, a train trestle that runs parallel to the Tyrone bridge.


Vertigo Bungee bought the trestle in 2012 to use it for a club-based operation. VIP members were allowed to try it out in May and it could be open for new members later this year.

“Improvements are still under way while we are developing the public bridge walk and zip line,” said Mitch Morris, general manager of Vertigo Bungee. “We are looking forward to our 4th of July event. We expect to have another event on Labor Day and during Bourbon Chase in October.”

Investors intend to make Anderson County the premier destination for bungee jumping in North America and, possibly, the center of a reality show, according a The Anderson News report last year.

Young’s High Bridge would be the tallest legal bridge jump in North America at 240 feet from the trestle to the Kentucky River.

Participation can be arranged by signing up with Vertigo Bungee’s club at info@vertigobungee.net.

Jumpers must be in good physical condition and at least 18 years old. Vertigo Bungee will screen those who apply and determine which applicants are selected.

For more information, go to www.vertigobungee.net.

By e-mailing locals@vertigobungee.net, local people can be considered not only for club membership but also, one day, appear in a reality TV show that will be based in Lawrenceburg.

The Bridge is 124 years old and has not been used for commercial rail traffic since 1985. Morris said the pilings and structure remains sound, according to The Anderson News’ 2013 report.