Bungee jumping off train trestle gets test run

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By Meaghan Downs

Drivers crossing the Tyrone Bridge last Tuesday afternoon may have noticed something a little different about the train trestle that runs parallel to the S-shaped bridge — a group of bungee jumpers plunging willingly off the trestle into the Kentucky River.
Springfield resident Mitch Morris, general manager of Vertigo Bungee, said he and a select group of jumpers were performing some test jumps, testing equipment and finishing part of the deck on the Young’s High Bridge last week.
Investors bought Young’s High Bridge back in 2012 with the intention of making Anderson County the premier destination for bungee jumping in North America and possibly the center of a reality show, according an Anderson News report.
According to Morris and the Vertigo Bungee website, Young’s High Bridge would be the tallest legal bridge jump in North America at 240 feet from the trestle to the river.
A group of eight — including bridge owners and a few of Morris’ associates — jumped off Young’s High Bridge about 38 times between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. last Wednesday.
Morris said he noticed their jumps, scheduled to test the safety of the equipment and potential safety hazards of those watching as drivers crossed the Tyrone Bridge, had quickly made its way onto social media platforms.
“We’ve been conscious of road safety through all of this; it’s worked out well,” Morris said of concerns about Tyrone Bridge drivers becoming distracted by the bungee jumping. “It seems that traffic isn’t heavy enough that it’s going to be a problem.”
According to Anderson County 911 dispatch supervisor Todd Sparrow, dispatch received a few calls about the bungee jumping last Wednesday, but phone calls were scattered and callers did not seem panicked.
Although Young’s High Bridge probably won’t see bungee action until later in 2014, Morris said, he may allow VIP members to jump occasionally before officially opening the bridge to bungee club members.
He still plans on scheduling jumps in 2014 around major holidays and events, but participation will still be arranged by signing up with Vertigo Bungee’s club at info@vertigobungee.net.