Burglar swipes kids’ presents Christmas Eve

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Grieving mom, children already mourning husband’s death

By Ben Carlson

Margaret Glover’s children cried Christmas morning, and one of her daughters took a hammer to bed with her that night.
The crying was the result of someone stealing some of her children’s presents on Christmas Eve.
The fear was the result of her children realizing that the burglar had broken into her house at 137 Ballard St. to do so.
Glover, whose husband died in July, said it was already a difficult time for her three children, Ashley, 16, Heather, 13, and Anthony Jr., 9. But when they realized that someone had stolen special gifts she had hidden in a dresser drawer in her bedroom, it became even worse.
“I just lost my husband, we just moved and I’m struggling to take care of my children … I’m all by myself,” Glover said the day after Christmas. “The kids have all been crying and they’ve all been hurt by this.
“They were waking up constantly [Tuesday] night, and my daughter was sleeping with a hammer next to her in bed.”
Glover said she and her children visited her brother-in-law’s home Christmas Eve. When they returned, she noticed that her cell phone, $20 in cash and gold chain she had on the kitchen table was missing.
“I thought I was losing my mind,” she said, adding that the cell phone contained three years of photos, including one of her daughters being baptized and another of her son placing the first shovel of dirt on his father’s grave.
It wasn’t until her children had already opened some presents Christmas morning that she realized that her home had been burgled the night before.
“I let the kids open some presents, but I was trying to do something special for them,” she said. “I had a pair of diamond earrings for the girls and a silver chain for Anthony Jr.
“When I went to my top dresser drawer to get them, they were all gone.”
Glover said she knew the items were there because she had seen them in that drawer the night before.
“I was in my bedroom for 15 minutes. I tore it apart,” she said.
“At first I thought I was just going crazy, but I knew those gifts were in there because I opened the drawer the night before to get my bank card.”
Distraught, Glover was forced to tell her children what happened.
“I had to sit them down and explain to them that more stuff was missing,” Glover said, including her son’s PSP video game. “They were all bawling and I just told them that I was going to the police station,” Glover said.
Officer Jeremy Cornish of the Lawrenceburg Police Department confirmed he is investigating the case. He said that someone would steal presents from children on Christmas Eve  is “a shame.”
Of all the items, Glover said the cell phone is the one that hurts the most because of the photos and videos it contained.
“I had that cell phone for three years. The photos and videos on it cannot be replaced,” she said. “I’d really like to have that back.”