Burgoo cook-off great for Shop With a Cop

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To the editor:
The recent Burgoo Festival featured the first ever Burgoo Cook-off, with all proceeds going to the Anderson County Shop With a Cop Program.
When it was over, $460 had been raised for this amazing program.
I feel some thanks are very much in order.
First and foremost I’d like to thank Editor Ben Carlson, who came up with the idea and marched on with it in the face of numerous naysayers who proclaimed that it would not amount to anything.
Second, thanks go out to all the participants (burgoo cookers) for their great grub and awesome displays they set up.
Third, all the people who braved the cold wet weather to pluck down their $2 and become burgoo judges.
Lastly, I’d like to give a hearty thanks to a great group of guys from the local union at Four Roses who felt it in their heart to give a check this week for an additional $500 to bring our total to $960 as a result of this endeavor.
Special thanks go out to all from the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office and some pretty special kids who will now have a little bit better Christmas.
Chief Deputy Joe Milam
Anderson County Sheriff’s Office