Bus bumped by vehicle on Edmondson Road

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No injuries or charges filed in minor accident


No students were injured in what is being described as a very minor incident involving a vehicle and a school bus Tuesday morning on Edmondson Road.
According to Anderson County Sheriff Troy Young, bus 65 and another vehicle met on the narrow gravel road and both came to a stop. The driver of the vehicle attempted to get around the bus by driving off the edge of the road on a slight embankment. When the driver’s vehicle hit a bump, it rubbed against the rear corner of the bus, breaking the vehicle’s side mirror and leaving a small smudge mark on the bus.
“That road is about as wide as a driveway,” Young said afterward. “All that happened is that the two met, stopped and the driver tried to ease around the bus.”
No charges were going to be filed against the driver, who was also not injured in the incident.
However minor, the incident did trigger a full response from fire, police and EMS, as is required under county policy, according to Anderson County’s director of emergency management, Bart Powell.
Powell said EMS workers checked each of the approximately 15 students on the bus to ensure they were OK, along with the bus driver and the driver of the other vehicle.
Powell also described the incident as minor.
“The bus driver said when the other vehicle went down the side of the bus, the bus never moved,” Powell said.
Ronnie Fields, the school district’s director of district-wide programs and operations, was at the scene along with the school district’s transportation director, Jeff Young.
Fields said school bus mechanics checked the bus before allowing it to continue on its route and pick up other students.
He said the school cafeterias were notified to hold breakfast for the students involved.
Powell said the county’s policy on responding to school bus traffic incidents was followed, despite the severity of Tuesday’s mishap.
“That policy is followed flawlessly and was followed again this time,” Powell said.
The Anderson County Fire District also responded.