Camp Calvary is the place to be for vacation

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With the rising cost of plane tickets and gas, a lot of you haven’t been on vacation in a while. Your kids are probably asking you, “Why can’t we go on vacation,” and you say, “We don’t have enough money.” Well, money is pretty tight these days and people are on a strict financial budget.
Here is a question for everyone: how many people have heard of a staycation? If not, a staycation is where you don’t have to travel very far or spend outrageous amounts of money like you would do on a regular vacation. This is why I wrote this article, to tell you about a great staycation spot for your kids that wouldn’t cost a whole lot of money. This place is called Camp Calvary.
Camp Calvary would be a great staycation for kids in the summer. Camp
Calvary is a Christian camp in Mackville, which is only about 25 minutes away from Anderson County. The prices vary from $35-$170, and the age categories are kindergarten through twelfth grade. There is also a college week of camp called “Deeper Life” and it is $225. The price of camp includes all your food, which is three meals a day and two canteens, and a camp t-shirt. If you stay at Primary Sleepover or First Chance, which are for grades K-3, you stay one to three nights, but if you stay at any other weeks of camp for older kids, you will stay five nights. Camp Calvary is a very good Christian environment, and kids have a blast there while learning about Jesus. Their mission statement is to “provide a spiritual atmosphere by training campers to be fully equipped as mature Christians. Then, as examples to the world, they will lead the lost to the saving knowledge of Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.”
I think Camp Calvary would be a great place for kids to go in the summer and this is why. I love going to Camp Calvary because I have been going there all my life and I love hanging out with my friends I have made there prior years.
I also love learning about Jesus while having a great time. I think camp is a really good place because if I have a problem they can fix it. The faculty at camp takes really good care of the campers. If I need something, the faculty will be there for me. They also have a really long waterslide going down a hill towards a creek that is really fun to go down. In addition, Vicki Cooper and all the other camp cooks make delicious food. I love going to Camp Calvary so much that I went to four weeks of camp last summer. Without Camp Calvary, summer would just be dull and boring.
I got away from my opinion and interviewed other people on why they love going to Camp Calvary. The first person I interviewed was J.T. Neese. J.T. said, “I love going to Camp Calvary because that is where I have met my best friends. The people I have met there have become my brothers and sisters in my heart. Camp Calvary has also been a place of retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s just you, God, and your brothers and sisters.” The second person I interviewed was Taylor Sawyer. Taylor said, “I love going to Camp Calvary because I would not be who I am today if it wasn’t for Camp Calvary. It has been the biggest spiritual influence in my life. It’s where I met my closest friends, the ones I can tell everything to and it’s where I decided to get baptized. I love that you can completely get away for a week and spend it with other Christians learning and growing in Jesus, playing crazy fun games and eating delicious food.” So you can tell I am not the only person who loves going to camp.
From this article do you think Camp Calvary sounds like a fun place to send your kids for a staycation? If so, here are some things your kids need to bring: Bible, pen, notebook, bed sheets or sleeping bag, pillow, flashlight, comb/brush, camera, jacket, shoes and socks, water shoes, pajamas, spending money, bag for dirty clothes, soap, shampoo, washcloth, towels, toothpaste/brush, and clothes for a week. For people who would like to send their kids to camp but don’t have enough money, fill out a scholarship form and they will help you with money issues. For more information here are some ways to contact them.
• Website: cmapcalvaryky.com
• Phone: 859-375-4376
• Address: 475 Camp Calvary lane; Mackville, KY 40040
• E-mail: kycampcalvary@gmail.com
P.S. Parents, you can have your kids gone for a week and have some peace around the house! Better yet, they will be at camp having a good time learning about Jesus. It’s a win-win situation!