Car bursts into flames in Edwardo's parking lot

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No one injured in vehicle fire Tuesday night

By Meaghan Downs

A car burst into flames in the back parking lot behind Edwardo's Pizza Tuesday night just as an employee was coming back from a pizza delivery.  


City fire received a call at about 7:18 p.m. Tuesday evening of a car on fire behind Edwardo's Pizza, located at 1090 Glensboro Road, City Fire Chief Bobby Hume said. 

"[The fire] was fully involved when they called us out," Hume said as firefighters sprayed more water on the vehicle, "caused a little damage to the car on the opposite side of it." 

Edwardo's employee Michael Burligame said he had just made a delivery at the Lawrenceburg Best Western when his vehicle caught fire. Edwardo's doesn't technically deliver, Burlingame said, but the restaurant does deliver to the Best Western off US 127. 

"I went to the Best Western to make a delivery, went inside to go to work, came back out and it was on fire," Burligame said. 

Fellow Edwardo's employee Will Maggard saw Burligame's vehicle burst into flames in the back parking lot and went inside to tell Burlingame. 

"I was coming out to get some fresh air, and the whole thing was engulfed in flame," Maggard said. "Swallowed."

The vehicle parked to the left of Burlingame's, owned by fellow employee Libby Pike, sustained heat and smoke damage from the fire.  

Burlingame said the cause of the vehicle fire may have had something to do with the electrical wiring in the driver's seat. 

"I know the electrical in the seat was going bad," Burlingame said, looking at his car, "'cause I had messed with it and it was shorting out." 

Chief Hume said no cause for the fire had been determined as of Tuesday night. 

No one was injured in the vehicle fire. 

Anderson County EMS, city fire, city fire and rescue, Kentucky state police and city police responded to the scene.