Carlson should leave health dept. alone

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To the editor:
For the past two weeks I have been pleasantly surprised that [Anderson News editor] Ben Carlson has not written any negative editorials regarding the Anderson County Health Department.
At first I thought I had bought the wrong newspaper. Maybe I was in the wrong county? Was this the Twilight Zone?
Finally the health department was not the target of criticism by Mr. Carlson.
My letter to the editor is in support of the health department. As a tax-paying citizen of Anderson County, I appreciate the work done by the employees of this agency, and I do not begrudge them the new building or the contents thereof.
I have been on the website of the health department (www.achdonline.org) and invite others to do the same. This agency provides multiple services for our county.
To list a few: smoking cessation classes, family planning clinic, immunizations, the HANDS program for first time parents, well-child exams, a rabies clinic for our animals, the free flu vaccine clinics, a school nurse in every school, assisting in handing out school supplies for our children, the “Longest Day of Play” ... I could go on and on. The recurring negative weekly comments from Mr. Carlson seem almost like a personal vendetta against the health department’s director and employees.
1. Perhaps Mr. Carlson should consider that when he sees only two or thre cars in the parking lot of the new building, there may be an entire family from that car to receive services.
2. Perhaps Mr. Carlson should stop wallowing around in the grass of the health department in order to make his photos of grass growing seem to be taller than the real deal.
3. Perhaps Mr. Carlson should apologize to the director and employees and let these people serve this community as intended.
4. Perhaps Mr. Carlson should realize that whenever he or any other citizen goes into a restaurant or drive-thru in Lawrenceburg, he (and everyone else) has just been served by the Anderson County Health Department.If not for an health department employee inspecting these facilities, we would not know if our food was safe and the facility was sanitary. (By the way, did you know that each and every food booth in this county during the 127 Yard Sale was inspected by the health department?)
5. Perhaps Mr. Carlson should stop referring to this building as a $2 million eyesore, but as a place Anderson County citizens can go to receive care.
The new building is up and running. Citizens are receiving services at this facility. The employees of the health department are doing their jobs. There is no reason to continue this ridiculous campaign any longer.
In closing, I hope that the sleeping dogs can now lay down. I believe Mr. Carlson has beaten this dead horse to the point of no return and it’s about time he reported on some real news.
To the employees of the Anderson County Health Department I say, “Bravo, some of us appreciate you. Keep up the good work and enjoy your new building.”
Dawn Caldwell