Catching up with an old friend

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By Shannon Brock

I've been stumbling for days trying to find some ideas to write a column about. I'm getting married in 17 days, so you'd think I would have plenty.

I could easily ramble on for inches about how my wedding dress doesn't fit any more, how frustrated I am with all that comes with ordering a wedding cake or how frustrated I am with myself for forgetting to take the wedding invitations home with me the last time I went.

But after coming under some recent criticism, my judgment of column topics hasn't been the best. I reminded myself that for every negative comment I've received, I've gotten positive ones tenfold, but still I passed on all those ideas waiting for something better, something that could apply to anyone or something everyone could relate to.

Well, I don't know if I've found it, but it's 6 p.m. Monday and I have to be brave and write something.

I hadn't spoken to one of my very best friends in the entire world in about a month and a half. There was no bad blood between us, we both just lead separate lives in separate states, so it's hard to keep in touch. Sure we'd sent messages back and forth on Facebook, but that's not the same as a phone conversation. Especially not with her.

We played several rounds of phone tag, one of the last of which led to me calling her in the middle of songs at Bible school - and no, she didn't have her phone on silent. She literally had to hang up on me, only to call me back later.

But the point of it all is that I finally got her. I called, she answered and we proceeded to talk for just over 11 minutes. We talked about how I'd interrupted Bible school, we made plans for this Saturday's bachelorette festivities and we hoped we would talk again before then.

But the topics of our conversation aren't the moral of the story. The moral of the story is how wonderful it is to have that friend (or many friends) with whom you don't talk for over a month, but with whom you can call up, catch up and pick up right where you left off.

There's no "why didn't you call me sooner?" There's no awkwardness because you're not exactly sure what is going on in the other person's life. It's just friendly conversation, and for me, it usually comes on a day when I can use it.

I hope you have that friend you can count on, and I hope you've talked to him or her in the past month and a half. But if it's been that long, or heck, even a year and a half, I encourage you to make the call. You won't regret it, because after all, there's nothing like catching up with an old friend.