Christians should unite for National Day of Prayer

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To the editor:
Is America in a crisis? I believe so.
I believe America is in a crisis of belief.
Sometimes it seems like our world is spinning out of control.  Maybe it seems that your own life is spinning out of control.
Do you often long for peace and tranquility? God won’t force himself in where he is not invited.
Particularly, our government has been pushing God out of American life every way they can.
God will keep out. “America, America, God shed his grace on thee. …”
Look around, of all the nations of the world, the United States of America has been blessed so much. From the beginning, God has shed his grace on our nation. I believe the in Holy Bible, which is God’s word to us.
While we are blessed to live in a community of approximately 60 churches, while other places in our country have turned away from God.
The signs are many. Evidences of the lack of God being allowed into our daily lives abound in our country today.
Turn on your television in the evening or read the news. From changing weather patterns, terrorism, tragedy, violence, crime, drugs, addictions, incurable diseases, marital difficulties, parenting battles, and financial problems, we see evidences of God being pushed out.
You are either suffering from or have someone close to you that is suffering from a lack of God in our nation. I believe that Jesus Christ is coming back to the Earth again.
Our only hope is Jesus.
I’m asking the Christian believers of Anderson County to join me in front of the Anderson County Courthouse on Thursday, May 3 from 12:15-12:45 p.m. to confess our sins, repent of our evil ways and pray God’s grace and healing for our nation.
This Thursday is the 61st annual consecutive observance for the National Day of Prayer.
The theme is “One Nation, Under God” because “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  
If they really believed, Christians would turn out in such numbers that Lawrenceburg would be overflowing with people.
If we knock, God says he will answer.
Hope to see you Thursday.
Janet Cooper