City council to allow Election Day booze sales

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Following new state law, council modifies alcohol ordinance

By Meaghan Downs

Election Day in Lawrenceburg will also include the sale of alcohol while polls are open, once the city council approves an amended ordinance to reflect new state laws.  
Senate Bill 13, passed by the Kentucky legislature in March 2013, allows for the sale of alcohol on Election Day in areas where beer, wine and liquor are normally sold.
The new law went into effect June 25, according to the Kentucky League of Cities.
Local governments like the city council had the option of prohibiting the sale of alcohol while polls are open on Election Day, but only if they submit a separate ordinance for approval by the whole council.
According to City Clerk Robbie Hume, the Lawrenceburg City Council has no plans to limit the sale of alcohol on Election Day with the introduction of a new ordinance. Election Day alcohol sales will therefore be allowed by default under the new state law.
Counties and cities across the state are now addressing Senate Bill 13’s changes at the local level, City Clerk Robbie Hume said.
“Everybody that has alcohol sales in the commonwealth is having to do this,” Hume said.
During the Nov. 20 work session, the six-member council reviewed changes in the language of liquor licenses offered in the city’s alcohol beverage control ordinances. Other potential changes reflected in the city’s amended ordinance, if passed, include removing the liquor regulatory fee for restaurants in accordance with the new state law, Hume said.
According to city council member Ken Evans, the council has until Dec. 15 to approve the changes to its alcohol beverage control ordinances.
The council will meet in a special-called meeting Dec. 5 to hear a first reading of the ordinance, and if passed, will likely hear a second reading of the ordinance at its regular meeting Dec. 9.
Kentucky and South Carolina were two of the last states in the country with bans on selling alcohol during the hours when polls are open on Election Day, according to the Associated Press.  
The council took no action on any alcohol beverage control ordinances during the work session.