Clarity needed in health insurance brief

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To the editor:
This is to the staff reporters that had a news brief related to health care coverage in last week’s paper.
You had two words that really stuck out to me when I took the time to look up this web page on this subject, since my husband and I can’t get insurance due to pre-existing conditions.
The two words were may and could. If you would take the time to look this up before you reported on this  
you might see that seniors cannot and could not afford what was in this article. Most seniors live on Social Security or Social Security Disability.   
Some draw Medicare only, and can’t draw Medicaid because they have assets. So they either have to sell what they’ve worked for all their lives or put everything they own in their children’s name, which puts a burden on them.
The government doesn’t really help, it just takes away.
So for those seniors who think they may or could get help, I’ve got a really big surprise for you. The cost of these policies is just as outrageous as if you weren’t a senior.
If you don’t believe me, please take the time to look this up on the internet.
To the staff, your heart may have been in the right place by trying to help those of us who really are needing directions, but please search things out before you print. The president and others that have passed this bill will never walk in our shoes because they will forever and never have to worry about health care.
God bless, and thank you!
Donna Bostic