Clerk says thanks for election help

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To the editor:
I want to take just a minute to thanks all those involved in helping make the General Election process go as smoothly as possible.
I will start with my staff. The election process never stops in our office. My staff continually works to ensure that everything is ready for Election Day. My deputies work daily to process voter registration information along with preparing for the upcoming election.
The next group due a thanks you is the Anderson County Board of Elections, which includes Howard Phillips, Adam Burton and Sheriff Troy Young. They are the individuals who have to make important and sometimes unpopular decisions to ensure that the integrity of the election process is intact, and that each qualified voter has his or her vote counted.
Next, I want to thanks the schools that help during each election to provide accessible facilities to allow voters to cast their ballot on Election Day. I want to thank the principals, xustodians and ataff at Emma B. Ward, Robert B. Turner, Anderson County High School and Anderson Middle School for helping us prepare and set up for this very important day.
I also want to thank Beaver Creek Masonic Lodge, Hickory Grove Fire Station and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office for the use of their facilities and the work that goes along with preparing for Election Day. All these facilities are Accessible by the public and are made ready when ever needed.  
Finally, we thanks those individuals that most of you see on Election Day, Election officers: Each year board members search for registered voters willing to work on Election Day. These election officers receive mandatory training before each election to ensure that all laws are followed and each qualified vote is counted.
These election officers work a hard 14-hour day and we thanks each of them for serving their community.
At last we thank you, the voter, for taking the time to have your vote counted. We all need to appreciate the privilege that we are given and the freedom that we have to cast our vote for the person that we deem best qualified for office.  
Jason Denny
Anderson County Clerk