COLUMN - Back to school - woohoo!

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By Shannon Brock

The smell of crayons, the beginning of August and the regular sightings of those big, beautiful, yellow buses - it can only mean one thing: school is in session.

And, I challenge you to find one person who is more excited about that fact than me. (Now that I don't actually have to go to school anymore, I can be excited about it starting back. Ah, who am I kidding? I'm a total dork, and I always get excited this time of year.)

Somehow I managed to keep busy this summer without you, schools. It wasn't easy, and I didn't like it very much, but I suppose everyone needs a vacation.

I decided to write this column for a few reasons: to welcome back all the faculty, staff and students in the Anderson County school system, to remind those people that I'm here and most of the time I'm just a phone call or e-mail away, and to send out a greeting to the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg.

First thing's first: Welcome back, Anderson County!

I met a whole lot of you since returning to The Anderson News in February. To all of those lovely people, I hope "Call Shannon with story ideas" is at the top of your to-do list this year. There are, however, some of you whose paths I have not crossed. To you, hello, welcome back and please call and introduce yourselves soon.

Secondly, I invite you to keep me up to date on interesting things happening in your classroom.

I'm happy to cover field trips. I walked to the park with third graders at Saffell last year.

I'm happy to cover special guests. Last year, I took pictures of a lady who brought reptiles, a speaker from Century Bank and a soldier on leave from Iraq who was here visiting his family.

I'm happy to cover regular assignments that are just really fun. I've done write-ups on baby chickens, art classes and high school students doing sign language at the Senior Citizens Center.

Unfortunately, I cannot make it to every event and I cannot promise that everything I cover will end up in the paper, but I do my darnedest.

The main thing to remember is that I cannot cover your event if I don't know about it. So, please call me at 839-6906, e-mail me at smason@theandersonnews.com, stop by our office or stop me in the hall when I'm visiting your school.

And last but not least, to the Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg: If I could change one thing from my first four months or so in Lawrenceburg, my do-over would have been to familiarize myself with your school system as much as I did with the county schools.

Luckily, I'm being given a second chance. When school starts back for you in a couple weeks, please feel free to contact me about interesting events at any of your campuses. Everything I just wrote above addressing the county schools goes for you, too.

Call, e-mail or stop by.

Now, to everyone, have a great year, and get up with me soon. Seriously. I'll be waiting.

E-mail Shannon Mason Brock at smason@theandersonnews.com.