COLUMN: Band gives high school bragging rights

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By Brooke Tindall

Anderson County High School has made plenty of history and has a lot about which to brag.

From academics to sports, the high school is great.

This year we’ll add another to that list, and this time it’s the marching band making history.

Our band made school history by placing eighth in the state semifinals in its class, its highest finish ever. It jumped eight spots from last year, which is a huge improvement.

“We improved greatly from last year. A lot of bands don’t change this much in one year. They usually improve in a span of years, usually not like we have in one year, it’s incredible.” said Kaitlin Blevins, a member of the color guard.

If you went by the high school during the summer, you probably noticed how hard they work. The band practiced nearly every day in July from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but all that hard work paid off.

It also paid off for Mr. Brady, who in his first year here, proved he was ready for the challenge.

“Mr. Brady, color guard instructor and percussion instructors helped a ton. They were very good teachers and knew what they were doing. Without them we wouldn’t have gone as far as we did,” said Kaitlin.

The newspaper reported earlier this year that Mr. Brady got money for the band to purchase equipment and instruments it needed for the upcoming season.

That season consisted of performing the halftime shows at the home football games and several competitions. In some competitions they earned the distinction of being named best color guard in their class, best percussion in their class,and even best overall percussion. What a year for them!

“I don’t really know about all the hardships that the band went through last year (only what other members have told me), but I know that this year has not only been totally awesome for me, but also for everyone else. These guys aren’t just my band mates, they’re my second family. We probably spend more time at practice than we do anything else.” said Jamie Williams, a first year flute player in the marching band.

The high school is also having its inaugural winter guard (color guard) and indoor drum line. The winter version will be performed on basketball courts instead of a football fields. It will have themes and competitions, but not as many as regular marching band. Hopefully we’ll do great there, too, and I’m sure we will.

If you ever watched the band perform, or heard them from a distance, you know they worked hard, you could tell in the way they played and performed.

Although the band did not win the state finals, they won it in our minds. Now they have something to live up to, which means next year they’ll probably work harder and maybe do even better.

Hard work really pays off, and once again, congratulations marching band, you did great this year. God bless.

Brooke Tindall is a freshman at Anderson County High School.