COLUMN: Changes come in groups, or at least pairs

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By Shannon Brock

Change. It's something that supposedly none of us like, but it's also inevitable. It's necessary for life to progress and exist, and according to Sheryl Crow, it'll do you good.

But no matter what the songs say and no matter how necessary it is, change can be difficult to deal with if for no other reason than it is what it is.

By definition, change means to "make different" or "cause a transformation" (and if you ask me, the definition should say something about how a single change is impossible because when one thing changes, so do about a million others).

As that logic would have it, several changes have been taking place in my life lately - some of which are life altering, others which are less dramatic, but still "different" to deal with.

The biggest change in my life lately was getting married about a week and a half ago. So many things change when you get married. Luckily, my husband hasn't changed, and surprisingly little of the changes actually have to do with him or our relationship.

My relationships with other people were almost immediately impacted - namely, the relationship with my parents. I'm an only child so my wedding day was an extremely difficult day for both my parents. All in all, they held up pretty good, but since then things have been a little awkward.

It's like all the sudden, just because I'm married, they're not sure if they can call me. And when they do call or when I call them, it's as if they're not sure what to talk to me about, but when they called a week or even a day before the wedding we had plenty to discuss.

Relationships with my friends, well, some of my single friends, have changed, too. I had a friend ask me today if Josh and I would be having Friday dinner date nights with all the other married couples in Lexington. I know his question was intended as a joke, but I assured him that we hadn't entered into this elite club for marrieds only and that we would still be hanging out with our friends, single or not.

I think the biggest change that comes with married life is not knowing what other changes are in store, and at only 11 days in, I know I'm in store for plenty more.

One of the other changes in my life is happening in this office. Our lovely intern, Katie, left us this week to enjoy the rest of her summer before starting back to school in August.

Katie and I have known each other for a couple years now, we've worked in a couple offices together and she has become one of my dearest friends (she sang in my wedding, don't ya know?). Readjusting to work life without her will definitely be difficult.

I'm going to miss our lunches, our random conversations and I even think I'll miss finding her at my computer because it had the "good Internet."

I hope she knows what an asset she has been to The Anderson News, and I hope she enjoyed her time here as much as we enjoyed having her.

I know she's not leaving me for good because we only live a few miles apart in Lexington and we run with a lot of the same crowd, but I know I can speak for the office as a whole when I say, we'll miss you.

PS: Several readers had asked me to run a wedding photo after the big day, so one should be appearing somewhere close to this column. Thank you for all the congratulatory remarks and well wishes. Josh and I both appreciate your kindness and support.