COLUMN: Dear disillusioned student...

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By Shannon Brock

Last week, we received a letter to the editor from “a disillusioned student at ACHS” — those are his or her words, not mine.

I say his or her because this brief, five-word description is all the identifying information we received.

Obviously, this student wanted to say something he or she thinks needs to be said, but he or she doesn’t want to attach a name to it because of one fear or another. I’m sure this particular student, who did say he or she is a senior, doesn’t want to face any repercussions for expressing his or her opinion when school starts back. That’s understandable.

But unfortunately for this student, we do not print anonymous letters to the editor. Have you ever seen one printed in our paper? No. That’s because each week we take time to contact everyone who submits a letter to make sure he or she really submitted it, no pranks are being pulled and these are in fact real names we print.

Now, this particular letter writer is obviously very intelligent. The letter is well-written and addresses what seem like valid concerns including the new trimester schedule to be implemented next year; the Academy, which apparently was difficult to get started at the school; and the lack of valedictorian and salutatorian speeches at this year’s graduation to name a few.

I applaud this student for calling attention to these issues, and maybe that was his or her only intention. If so, job well done.

But he or she took the time to write a well thought out letter and labeled it as a letter to the editor, which implies to me that he or she wanted this letter to be printed.

Since that is against our in-house policy, I’m offering this student a proposition.

As a former valedictorian, I hear and completely understand your concerns. I agree with your statement that “events, singly, may not make an impact, but the combination of these events taking place so close together could lead towards mediocrity and indifference.”

So here’s what I propose. Give me a call at 839-6906 or e-mail me at sbrock@theandersonnews.com. Heck, even direct message me on Twitter. I’d like to hear you out. Although I will ask you for your name, I won’t use it unless we agree at a future time that it’s OK.

I guarantee you’re not the only student drawing these conclusions, and if everything you say is true (and I’m not judging one way or the other), this could be worthy of a news story.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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