COLUMN: Farm, commercial vehicle tags renewed next month

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By Jason Denny

As we approach our busiest month of the year, I thought that the column this month should be on licensing and transfer of vehicles.
As clerk, I see many people who aren’t aware of some very important issues that can arise with each of these procedures.
About a month before your vehicle tags expire, you will receive a card from the state with the Anderson County Clerk’s contact information on it. This card is to remind you of your expiration date, provides you with the amount that you owe and can be used for tax purposes.
When you come to our office, we ask that you bring in your current registration (blue paper) and a current insurance card. (The Department of Insurance does require your insurance company to provide that information electronically, but there may be a chance that some information is missed in the process.)
You may have your insurance cards faxed, but there is a fax fee. If you can’t locate your current registration, we can print a copy for a fee. An affidavit will have to be signed.
If you are in the process of transferring your vehicle to another Kentucky resident you should come to our office to transfer the vehicle. By doing this you are guaranteed that the vehicle is officially out of your name. Some people assume that by signing on the seller side of the title and having a notary public sign it will release them of any further taxes or liability. That is not entirely true. The buyer may decide not to transfer the vehicle for various reasons. This can cause you to owe additional taxes and penalties until the vehicle is transferred.
Whoever owns the vehicle on Jan. 1 is responsible for the taxes for that year.
There are many other problems that can arise from just signing the title, so if you can’t go with them, at least be sure that the buyer completes their side of the title before you give it to them.  
March is also the month for farm tags and commercial vehicle tags. If you desire to have or retain your farm tag, you will be required to sign an affidavit stating that you are engaged in farming.
If you need a commercial tag you will need commercial insurance on that vehicle.
Some are misinformed on farm tags as well as 10,000 pound tags. Farm tags are not cheaper than the standard Unbridled Spirit tags. An individual that is not engaged in business doesn’t need a 10,000 pound tag.
An Unbridled Spirit tag gives them more options. Remember that you can get the “In God We Trust” tag at renewal time. Please feel free to call or come in and ask one of the deputies which tag would be more appropriate for your individual use and the laws and regulations that apply to each.
You can also go to our website: www.andersoncountyclerk.ky.gov or to www.transportation.ky.gov/mvl to access information and frequently asked questions.
You can also look at the many other types of plates that we have to offer.
 Like always, please call me or one of my deputies concerning any questions or comments that you may have about any issue relating to our office. We can be reached at 502-839-3041 or by e-mail at jason.denny2@ky.gov.  

Jason Denny serves as Anderson County clerk.