COLUMN: A golf fan a year in the making

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By Shannon Brock

Dear golf lovers, I used to be one of your worst enemies, but time has turned me into one of your allies.

No, I’m not leaving The Anderson News to pursue a career in the LPGA, but I have grown to be not only tolerant, but appreciative of the sport.

About a year ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead watching golf on television. I could understand that some people (not me) would be able to enjoy playing the game, but to sit for hours and just watch it seemed like a boring waste of time.

Yet somehow, a year later, I found myself nearly glued to the television during the Master’s this past weekend. I spent hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday watching the rounds unfold — and not just because my husband wanted to. Heck, at times, he told me to change the channel if I wanted, but I left it where it was.

And when it came down to the end, I was sitting cross-legged on my couch, hugging a throw pillow, with my heart racing as the first playoff hole began.

It could go without saying that I was whole-heartedly rooting for Kenny Perry, since he is a Kentucky boy and all. And I’ll admit, I screamed, “Nooo!” when that second-to-last putt just wouldn’t go in. And I may have even cried a little inside when Angel Cabrera tapped in the winning shot.

And through it all, I certainly wasn’t bored.

What I used to conceive as boring was suddenly so suspenseful I could hardly manage to keep quiet on the edge of my cushion.

Although it’s not quite my favorite sport just yet, I’m definitely a fan. So much so that (as if I hadn’t watched enough golf already) I stayed awake until 1 a.m. Monday watching “Tin Cup,” a movie about golf.

Those guys — in the movie, and on the tour — are so impressive, so athletic and so skilled. Seriously, I can’t even fathom being able to put a spin on a ball by hitting it differently with a club. I don’t even understand how that is possible.

But I totally admire the people who do.

And chances are I wouldn’t have said that a year ago.

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