COLUMN: Living on vacation time

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By Shannon Brock

Time seems to speed by at twice its normal rate when you’re on vacation.

You’re driving here, running there, seeing this, doing that and before you know it, you’re driving back home wondering where all the time has gone.

While taking a few days off allows you to “vacate” your normal life, rarely does vacation really equal rest.

I’m also convinced that while on vacation with time passing so rapidly, one’s coworkers are experiencing time passing equally as slow.

After returning to work, I think time starts to pass at its normal rate, but because you’re used to “vacation time,” this normal rate makes one day feel like 12.

Suddenly a morning meeting feels like 8 p.m. and you start to question whether you went home last night or just worked straight through until morning.

My vacation came at the end of last month when my husband and I traveled to South Carolina to attend a destination wedding of two of our close friends. Both of us had roles to fill in the wedding, and I volunteered my services as a runner making sure the bride had anything she needed on her special day.

Needless to say, by the end of the weekend, I was more familiar with the resort at which the wedding took place than I was with my own hotel.

And although the ceremony passed quickly and the night was danced away, I wouldn’t have had this particular vacation any other way.

God has a sense of humor, and exhibits it with vacation time, I think, but he also knows just when to place a three-day weekend so we can reap the benefits and get some rest.

This Independence Day lent itself as a mini-vacation, during which I finally got to give my dad his Father’s Day present.

Yes, there were family gatherings to attend and people to see, but there was also time to eat at the local greasy drive-in then go home and watch Coal Miner’s Daughter with my parents.

I got to attend a church service back home for the first time in months, and even squeezed in a few hours at the water park with my dad.

I find myself wondering how I fit so many activities into about 36 hours and still managed to come out of the weekend feeling at least somewhat rested.

Maybe that’s the difference between vacation time and holiday time.

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