COLUMN: A message from the heart

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By Shannon Brock

Sometime around 4:30 Saturday afternoon, I checked my Facebook news feed much like I’d done about 50 times already that day, I’m sure.
Typically, I can’t stand “chain statuses” — the Facebook equivalent of chain letters or e-mails. If it’s “best friend week,” or “pet week,” or “favorite food to eat when you were a fifth-grader week,” I just don’t care. I read just enough for the signal to go off in my head that this thought is unoriginal at best, and I move on.
However, on this particular Saturday afternoon, I came across this:
“If you have a son or daughter that means the world to you … then call and tell them that. If you have parents that you wouldn’t know what to do without … then call and tell them.”
Because I can’t call my dog-child on the telephone, I thought, “OK, I’ll call my parents.”
So, I did, and I chatted with my mom and dad for a few minutes each, told them I loved them and went about the rest of my day as planned.
Little did I know that eight hours later, my cell phone would start buzzing in my pocket and my mom would be on the other end uttering seven very terrifying words: your dad is having a heart attack.
And I certainly had no clue that less than 12 hours later I would be standing in a room in a cardiac care unit hearing doctors say that heart attack was still ongoing.
(Before I go any further, just know I wouldn’t be 1.) at work or 2.) writing this column if things didn’t turn out well, so rest assured, my dad is doing much better.)
God has a funny way of preparing you for things.
Any other day, I would have skipped over that status on Facebook.
Any other day, I would have waited until later to call my parents or, since I had talked to them the night before, I might not have even called at all.
But on Saturday, I read the status and called home because I don’t know what I would do without my parents.
Thankfully, I didn’t have to find out.
I’m thankful and grateful and beyond blessed that my father is recovering and doing very well.
But the what-ifs still float around in my very human head.
So maybe you’re like me and you skip over chain statuses, or maybe you’ve ignored some other sign, or maybe you just have someone who deserves a phone call.
It’s a shame we have to be reminded sometimes, but having gone through what I did this weekend, take it from me — if there is someone in your life you cannot live without, don’t assume they know that. Go out of your way to tell them, because you won’t always have the chance.

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