COLUMN: October provides plenty of reasons to love fall

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By Brooke Tindall

I love fall season for many reasons, and this month there are so many things going on. To name a few there’s Halloween, pastor appreciation month, the end of the trimester at high school(finals also), deer season, fall festivals and much more.

Halloween is a great holiday, especially for the younger kids. Even if we don’t go trick-or-treating we can still work at Autumn Splash, church trunk-or-treats or even just passing out candy for the neighborhood kids.

There are also the wonderful haunted houses — if you’re into that — or family/friend’s Halloween parties.

Looking at the decorations on various yards or doing it for your own house is always fun, too.

Next up is pastor appreciation month.  Pastors have a difficult job — even though it may not seem like it. Just think of all they do for their church, other churches, the community and other people when they need help. They have to keep it all together and know exactly how to explain things, when to explain them and always having the right words to say when someone asks.

My pastor and his wife have helped me many times throughout my 14 years here, for inspiration, advice or just someone who will listen when I want to talk about something. They have great character and just all around good-hearted people ... I love them like family. I couldn’t ask for two better people. They just don’t seem to get the thank you they deserve all the time.

At the high school the trimester is coming to a close. That means pretty soon we’ll be studying hard for those finals in all of our classes. The nervousness of passing and getting good grades to have a good GPA for that good college form comes into play. My first almost 12 weeks at the high school have been good, we all know we’ve got to keep up the good work and kick it into gear if we haven’t already.

At least though the 12 weeks gives us more time to learn and get prepared, which is different from past years.

 Deer season and fall festivals are also very close. I’m not going to say much about deer season, just make sure you’re being safe and watch out.

Fall festivals are also going on around the county’s elementary schools. Some clubs at the high school are helping — it’s always great to support sometimes your old school, family member’s schools or just the county in general. It also gives you opportunities to help out and feel good about yourself, and we all love a little bit of that.

There’s also so much to love about fall: colors, temperatures, football and all the above. F is my favorite season — it gives me that ah, relaxation, feeling.

Have a happy fall, and God bless.

Brooke Tindall is a teen columnist for The Anderson News. She is a freshman at Anderson County High School and can be reached at btindall95@gmail.com.