COLUMN: Palin's speech proves just how scary she can be

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By Joan Burke

I was able to catch Sarah Palin’s speech Friday to the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans.

It was very difficult to swallow, listening to that seemingly squeaky clean voice, but I watched the whole thing on MSNBC.

She has been coached and is getting better with her delivery, and through that cultivated, almost Fargo accent she was actually able to string together a few entire sentences. She must have a better speech writer now. But she hasn’t lost that cyclical manner of phrasing her words. It makes one a bit dizzy.

This is a scary person because, like George Bush, she lacks the education and intellect to pull this vast country through its enormous problems; but she is very popular with the Tea Partiers and now aligns herself with them.

Recently placing crosshairs on a map of the United States to signify places that need her kind of blasting, she said during her speech that her directive to “reload” didn’t mean get violent – but we’ve already experienced how Fox News (another of her new affiliations) can drive rage-filled wing-nuts toward violent behavior. They have threatened Congressmen, and those who worked hard to push through the new health care bill. One young man was arrested for his threats to Nancy Pelosi, and he blamed Fox News for whipping up his ire.

I especially enjoyed when Palin spoke about nuclear weapons and Obama was quoted by the Associated Press as saying, “Last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert of nuclear issues.”

She fired back during the New Orleans speech that Obama learned all about that while he was working in Chicago as a community organizer. She also cynically criticized his “yes we can” mantra and explained why the Republican Party isn’t just the party of “No”, it’s the party of “Hell, no!” Gee, I understand now.

Strangely enough she still went after Obama for not doing any offshore drilling when he just announced opening several new US drilling spots offshore, including some in Alaska. As if unaware of this administration’s new action, she went on to announce no more “Stall baby, stall, but drill baby, drill!” Who is stalling where? I guess she just really likes expressing this tired, old campaign slogan again.

I heard that Sean Hannity said on Fox News that Sarah Palin was smarter than Obama. What has he been smoking? And does he live in an alternate universe? Because that’s the only place I could imagine that being true. One of the reasons that so many of us voted for Obama was because he is so intelligent. So much more so than Bush, McCain and Palin all rolled into one. We wanted someone smarter than us, not someone with whom you could have a beer.

This was a very sarcastic speech for Palin, attacking Obama, making fun of her enemies, but still the best and most forceful speech I’ve heard from her yet. But then, she is vying for the position as the GOP nominee in 2012. Now that’s a scary thought.

Joan Burke lives in Lawrenceburg. To comment, e-mail news@theandersonnews.com.