COLUMN: Putting up with the cold

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By Shannon Brock

My feet have been stuck in boots for ... well, it seems like forever.
I expressed that sentiment to one of my coworkers Tuesday, and we’re both ready for some flip-flops.
Never fear, though, readers. Spring isn’t that far away.
I keep catching myself thinking, “Oh my goodness, it’s so cold, and we still have two months to go.”
But, when you think about it a little bit more, two months isn’t that long.
The official first day of spring is March 20, so we’re almost exactly two months away.
And maybe I’m going out on an optimistic limb here, but I’m thinking it might just warm up a little before spring officially comes around.
Besides, I know I’ll enjoy getting a little more wear out of my Christmas gifts.
We might as well make the most of the cold because there’s nothing we can do to warm things up any quicker — except for putting our feet back in those boots and wrapping up in a blanket.

Speaking of cold, it seems as though the Anderson County school district is going to put a freeze on salary step increases for its staff next year.
While I’m sure this isn’t what our teachers hoped to hear, I personally think they should be counting their blessings.
With the state our economy has been in for quite some time now, I say be glad this is the first time you’ve had to worry about not getting a “raise.”
I know for a fact that plenty of our neighbors have gone without a pay increase for years now.
Of course, if I had my way, all of us (who deserve it, of course) would always get raises, but not too many people live in the World According to Shannon.
Am I sorry it had to come to this for some of the state’s finest educators?
Do I feel bad that school employees probably won’t get the increases they may have been counting on?
Of course — but I don’t feel any worse than I’ve felt for everyone else the past three years.