COLUMN: Simple precautions can help avoid flu

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By Brooke Tindall

Swine flu, the flu and cold season. They’re all scary things to even think about and dread. Winter and fall are two great seasons, but the one thing that makes them bad is the flu and colds.

The flu can turn deadly if not taken care of, as can a simple cold. That’s all the more reason to remind ourselves of how to stay away from them.

There are so many ways to catch a virus and yet so many ways to avoid them. Some things to do are wash your hands, after handling money, shaking hands, going to the bathroom, before and after handling foods and before and after eating, Yes it sounds childish, but it’s so important to do. There’s also keeping up good hygiene, staying away from anyone who is sick and covering your mouth when you cough and your nose when you sneeze.

This year there the type of flu is very easily spread, so it’s important to know what to watch for. This means if you think you have a cold or the flu, for the sake of everyone else, go to the doctor’s office. Some other good ideas are to get a flu shot and take plenty of vitamin C.

From previous experience I hate getting the flu, and missing school is not a great thing to do. You end up with homework and it’s so hectic trying to get caught up. I don’t want to get the flu this year; none of us do. Of course some of us will still get sick, it’s almost guaranteed. But when you do the best you can to stay healthy, it’s much less likely for you and everyone around you.

You shouldn’t just do these around flu season, do them all year round. Maybe spending the 30 extra seconds to wash your hands isn’t such a waste of time. Hopefully, though, Anderson County doesn’t get hit too hard and life will be much more simple.

As always, God bless.

Brooke Tindall is a teen columnist for The Anderson News. She is a freshman at Anderson County High School and can be reached at btindall95@gmail.com.