COLUMN: A snipe hunt to remember

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By Brooke Tindall

Trash bags, flashlight, full moon and friends, that’s all you need.

We took these when we went hunting in the middle of the night. It wasn’t funny at the time, but now that it’s over with I’ll tell you the story of my hunting trip, I’m sure it will bring a laugh or two.

I was at my friend’s house and we were in her room talking. It was dark outside and you could see the moon. All of a sudden my brother and her brother burst into the room. They were saying, “Come on we’re going snipe hunting. Hurry! Come on, our dads said so.” We of course had no idea what a snipe was, we just went with them outside.

When we got out there my dad and his friend were waiting with two trash bags and a flash light. I had no idea what we were going to do. I asked what we were going to do and my dad said, “You all are going to split into two teams, boys vs. girls. You have to go to the side of the hill and we’re going to go into the woods and scare the snipe up the hill.”

He said we had to shake the trash bags and have them on the ground, because the snipe are attracted to the sound of shaking plastic. He said when we got one, we needed to pick up the bag as quick as possible and bring it to the porch. The team with the most would be treated to a Blizzard the next day.

He said it would also be our breakfast if we got enough of them.

They made their way down the hill and we got in position, shaking the bags. We heard them coming back up the hill a short while later. We felt something hitting us and coming near us. My friend and I picked up the bag as quickly as we could.

We raced over to the porch, followed by the boys. We opened up our trash bag; there was nothing there except dirt. My dad then said, “Well look in there, see if there is an egg, it will be red with black spots. They will sometimes escape quickly and leave an egg.”

I then said, “But there are no holes in the bag.”

My dad just encouraged us to look. We still didn’t have anything, just the dirt. My dad’s friend then told us to look by the trees, in pipes and by their garden.

We did as he said. My friend and I chose the garden first. We were searching and didn’t notice my dad’s friend come out. We heard something bang on the porch and raced to it, thinking it was a snipe, it wasn’t though.

We searched for a long time and found nothing, except a Pepsi bottle full of water. I started to get suspicious, what were we doing?

We searched and searched and finally they said give it up. We were frustrated and tired.

When we reached the porch my dad’s friend was trying hard not to laugh. I asked why he was laughing and they told us. They had thrown dirt and water bottles at us, acting as the snipe.

We were then told there is such a thing as snipe, just not around here. We didn’t believe them and went inside aggravated.

They came in laughing and brought up Google and looked up snipe.

After a while we got over it, and now we just laugh about. After all it was pretty funny looking back.

Brooke Tindall is a teen columnist for The Anderson News. She will be a freshman at Anderson County High School in the fall. She can be reached at btindall95@gmail.com.