COLUMN: Timing is everything when it comes to life's puzzle pieces

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By Shannon Brock

Sometimes it’s funny how things work out.

Take for instance, the story a few pages over about Biscuit, the dog rescued by Anderson County volunteer firefighters over the weekend.

You see, the fire department hosted the second of two ice rescue training sessions last Friday, and we here at The Anderson News had already planned on covering the training in this week’s paper.

I was waiting on Battalion Chief Chris Harrod to drop by our office to identify firefighters in the photos we planned to use, when Mrs. Rosemary Bowling dropped by with a story idea.

You might know Rosemary as the always-smiling face that greets you when you walk in the door at Talk of the Town.

Having eaten at the restaurant more than a few times, I recognized her as soon as she walked in. She recognized me, too, but didn’t know before that, that I worked at The Anderson News.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned in my conversations with Mrs. Rosemary, it’s how much she loves animals in general, but especially her animals.

Rosemary began to tell me about how some brave members of the county fire department rescued her Tennessee Mountain Curr, Biscuit, after the dog fell through the ice at Beaver Lake.

She and her husband, Kenny, were so grateful, and she was trying by any means possible to thank the heroic men and women for their efforts.

I told her about last week’s training and that I was waiting on one of the battalion chiefs to come by, so I would try to get some names for her.

Luckily, Chris Harrod came through the office door just before she left. He made one phone call to Chief Mike Barnes (who was almost on his way to our office to drop off photos from the rescue) and got the names of Biscuit’s heroes.

All of the members of our fire departments deserve recognition for their courage and sense of duty to the community, but I know the Bowlings extend a special thank you to Jeff Elam, Ricky Norris and Brittany Cox for their efforts Sunday.

Sounding a little cliché, I’m sure, sometimes life is like a puzzle with pieces that come along and fit together. And it’s just amazing to watch them fit together at the right time.


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