COLUMN: Unexpected inspiration

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By Shannon Brock

Sometimes inspiration hits you in a way you least expect it.
To my surprise, this was exactly the case on Tuesday afternoon.
There is no need to get into grand detail, but I would like to publicly thank Ms. Georgia Kennerly for her very kind and much appreciated thank you card.
I agree with you in hoping that someone somewhere will benefit from last week’s column.
Actually that is my hope every week.
My columns are typically light-hearted (to the delight of many and the displeasure of some) because I see nothing wrong with sharing a story or other information that just might make at least one person smile.
And, at the risk of sounding cheesier than I already have, if we all smiled more, wouldn’t the world be a better place?
And now, for a few other mindful musings:

Someone pointed out at last week’s Anderson County Board of Education meeting that new board member James Sargent got quite a welcome into his new role.
I have to say that I agree.
“Hi, Mr. Sargent. We’re glad to have you. Now, this project we’re working on looks like it’s going to cost about $1 million more than we’d expected.”
Bam! Welcome to the board of education.
While I’m sure Sargent — and all the other board members for that matter — is perfectly capable of handling the situation, you have to admit it’s a rude awakening.
And it’s a position I do not envy one bit.

Also, to put on my sports cap, anyone who pays attention to professional sports is probably aware of possible lockouts in both the NFL and NBA next year.
While some University of Kentucky basketball fans are praying for a lockout — meaning our fabulous freshmen would hang around and become sensational sophomores — I just don’t think it’s going to happen.
The powers that be in each of those organizations are too intelligent to let it reach that point, if you ask me.
Professional sports are businesses, and I think happy mediums will be reached in order to keep those businesses bring in the big bucks.
Besides, look at Major League Baseball — when one sport is on hold (as MLB was in the ‘90s) viewers will just pick up and watch another one.
I don’t think the NFL or NBA want that to happen, nor will they let it.